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Is OJS any good?

I’m really excited about this forum – OS is such an important initiative to be pushing forward. The infrastructure is still growing though, and to be honest, I’m struggling to find reliable software to help publish an open access journal (especially one that’s free!). I recently heard about OJS from a colleague but really don’t know much about it. Has anyone ever used it/know if it’s any good?

Hey there! I’ve definitely been there. It can be challenging to find good reliable software for publishing OA. Personally, I’ve found these PKP guidelines to be helpful in figuring OJS out:


It’s got a step-by-step guide to OJS, and a ToCs you can find on the left-hand side to help you navigate to issues you may need help with.

Overall, I found OJS to be really reliable and functions as a great system, though there are some limitations: one perennial issue is the reliance on crowdsourcing developers to fix bugs for free, which we’ve found can cause delays in new product launches. But overall we definitely recommend it.